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11.08.2022. 21:00 Dinopark Funtana Parking
16.08.2022. 21:00 Dinopark Funtana Parking
18.08.2022. 21:00 Dinopark Funtana Parking

Welcome to "Crazy Cars"

Our program is a visual spectacle which otherwise you have to see in action movies. Breathtaking experience close to what benefits. Our professional stunt actors are capable. A fast-paced live show in a dynamic way presented fashion. An experience for young and old. You canĀ“t believe it, till you see it.


adults 160 kn

kids up to 14 years 140 kn

children up to 3 years FREE

Tickets available at the box office. Cash payment only.


Two hours of action and stunts in an exciting and spectacular show!

Without blinking, otherwise you will miss valuable moment of this fast furious event. Make yourself comfortable in the stands and enjoy the incredible, explosive and reckless scenes that happen in front of your eyes.

Spectacular stunts and good party at Crazy Cars are guaranteed. Join the visual spectacle which can be viewed only in action movies - the smell of gas and brakes, tires squealing, the sound of high engine turing and pyrotechnic effects "live".

Crazy Cars Team

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